Better Is Better

Have you tried losing weight, or being healthier before?

If so, there’s a good chance that you tried doing several of the following things. All at once:

-Eating more fruit

-Avoiding all fruit

-Eating more vegetables

-Drinking more water

-Taking daily vitamins

-Taking fish oil

-Taking branch chain amino acids

-Taking fat burners

-Taking appetite suppressants

-Eating more salads

-Exercising more often

-Fasted cardio

-Getting more sleep

-Fasting for 8 hours every day

-Fasting for 12 hours every day

-Fasting for 16 hours every day

-Fasting for 2 days every week

-Not eating after 7pm

-Not eating any carbs

-Not eating any gluten

-Meal replacement shakes

-Avoiding all sugar

-Eating 5 meals a day

-Eating 1 meal a day

-Avoiding dietary fat

-Cutting out all processed foods

-Following a strict meal plan

Honestly, I’m a little tired just writing out that list, I can’t imagine trying to actually do several of those things all at once.

But that’s what most people do, isn’t it?

It’s exhausting. And it’s not sustainable.

The fitness industry tells us that we need to do most of those things, and we need to do them NOW. “Want to be healthier? No worries, all you have to do is overhaul your entire life. Good luck!”

If you’ve been there before, or many times, you know how frustrating and defeating it can be to try your absolute best and feel like you always come up short.

I’d like to present a new way. A different approach.

Ready for it? Are you sure you are, because it’s going to blow your mind. Buckle up! Here it goes!

Do a little better.

That’s it.

If you’re let down by that answer, I understand. But I’m willing to bet that if that answer leaves you feeling underwhelmed, you’ve maybe bought into extreme approaches over and over, and have never made much long-term progress. Maybe.

Why not try doing just a little better?

Imagine there is a continuum. On one end is where you are, and on the other end is where you want to be in a perfect scenario.

What most people do is try to magically appear all the way down the other end of the continuum. This rarely works for more than a few months. And then it all comes falling apart.

Instead, it might be worth taking things one step at a time and shooting for a little better.

Are you eating one vegetable a day, on average? Shoot for two a day.

Are you getting 6 hours of sleep? Shoot for 6 and a half.

Focus on a few things. Do them better. Do them consistently.

If you want to do better, then do a little better.

Because better is better.

Eating at fast food restaurants can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be.

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