Good Intentions

You have new shoes.

You have new workout clothes.

You laid them out the night before and set your alarm early, so you’ll have time to workout before you go to work.

You follow inspiring social media accounts, and have a workout from one of them saved. You know exactly what exercises you’ll do in the morning.

You have a shake made the night before so you have something to fuel you through your workout, because you’re going to kill it.

You get into bed early so it’ll be easier to get up when the alarm goes off.

This is all good. It’s really good. You’ve set yourself up for success, and greatly reduced the chance that you will sleep in.


None of these things will help you meet your goals on their own. In fact, all of them grouped together wont help you meet your goals with out one key ingredient.


You have to pull the trigger.

The best of intentions don’t do a thing unless you move your feet.

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