welcome to the new year

You know the drill.  Summer's over.  Kids are back to school.  You get into a routine, just in time to run the gauntlet of holiday weight gain.

Halloween and all it's candy. Thanksgiving and the tremendous amounts of food and pies.  And then there's Christmas with weeks of endless parties, candies, and treats.

It's no surprise people tend to pack on the pounds from October-December.

And, it's no wonder that New Years Day is the day we all say "Enough!"  We've just had three months of zero self-control, far too much temptation, and we feel like crap.

Not to mention, there seems to be something magical about the New Year and new beginnings.

Except there isn't.

Studies show that most people abandon their resolutions before February 1st.

Less than one month later, and their resolutions are a thing of the past!

And not only that, but most people have been stuck in the same cycle for years.

New Year's resolutions made-->New Year's resolutions abandoned-->months of returning to regular habits that put you further behind-->an increase of eating and weight gain through holidays-->New Year's resolutions made

Sound familiar?  There's a good chance it does, because that's the cycle you've been in for years.

Guess what?  It's time to BREAK THE CYCLE!

"New You by the New Year" is a program to help you do exactly that.

You can try and force change all you want, but if you don't develop new habits, those changes will never stick.

That's why "New You by the New Year" focuses on developing habits.  Habits that stick and create life-long changes.

No quick fixes.  No empty promises.  Just hard work and results that last.

Changing your habits and lifestyle in an effort to lose weight, and be healthier requires dedication and time.  If you came here looking for quick results, and easy answers-you're in the wrong place.

But if you came looking to get out of the endless cycle I mentioned above, you are exactly where you need to be!

What people are saying about working with Michael Gray.

“Thank you for giving me my life back.”

“This is the first time in my life that I don’t feel like I am controlled by food.”

“It’s well worth my investment of time and money to work with his guidance and encouragement.”

“Michael has helped me be a stronger, healthier person.”

“If you are looking to improve yourself, he can help it happen. I know this because it worked for me.”

"He is dedicated to every one of his clients individually and works hard to specialize programs that fits with your individual needs.”

"OK, I'm convinced you can help me, but what exactly does this program look like?"

I'm glad you asked!

Let me start by telling you what "New You by the New Year" isn't.

It's not:
-A difficult to follow meal plan
-A restrictive diet that doesn't allow you to eat anything you enjoy
-A plan for rapid weight loss, only to gain it all back in a few months

Those are all sure fire ways to leave you frustrated, and further behind than when you started.

So, what is it?

"New You by the New Year" is:

-A habit based nutritional program that focuses on your specific needs
-A program that will develop life-long nutritional habits that encourage weight loss and a healthier lifestyle
-A chance to work with a coach who has over 11 years of helping people be more awesome
-A program that will put you 3 months ahead of schedule by January 1st

You could spend the next three months giving in to the treats and sweets that seem to be everywhere, gaining weight, and starting next year further behind than you are now.

Or, you could learn how to navigate those situations, not feel deprived, make healthier choices, and start the New Year with healthy nutritional habits already in place.

Sounds like a great way to start 2020 to me!

"Sounds good, but what's it going to cost me?"

"New You by the New Year" is only $369.00 for the entire 3 months.  That's less than $125/month.

Three months of progress.  Three months of discipline.  Three months of proving to yourself that you can do this for the long-haul.

Because high-quality service is incredibly important to me, there are a limited number of spaces available in this program  Once they're gone, they're gone! Reserve now so you don't miss out!


Still not convinced it's right for you?  Here's everything included in "New You by the New Year":

New You by the New Year includes:

**Individualized daily/weekly goals designed to help you meet your weight loss and fitness goals**

**Weekly email and text support to keep you on track**

**Weekly phone calls to dig deeper into your progress and troubleshoot hurdles**

**A private Facebook group for all New You by the New Year participants**

**Bi-monthly Facebook live videos addressing common set-backs and strategies to overcome them**

**Bi-monthly workouts designed to help you get stronger and burn calories**


FAST FOOD SURVIVAL GUIDE:  Strategies that will help you eat out without freaking out!


BUILDING A BETTER BREAKFAST:  A guide to dominating breakfast and setting yourself up for success from the day's first bite!

Try "New You by the New Year", risk-free.  If you aren't satisfied with this service, simply let me know by October 15th, and receive a full refund.  That's 14 days to see if it's a good fit.  If you're not happy, you wont lose a dime.

"New You by the New Year" begins October 1st.  You CANNOT join after September 30th. Remember, there are a limited number of spots for this program.

Reserve your spot now and get ready to start 2020 three months ahead of schedule!