While this blog is the face of The Diabetic Trainer, the meat and potatoes (where the real magic happens) is through individual coaching.

Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed, or have lived with diabetes your whole life, exercise and a smart nutritional plan can make managing (or even reversing) your disease a lot easier.

While that’s common knowledge, what isn’t as well understood is exactly how to do that.

That’s where The Diabetic Trainer can be one of your biggest allies.  Individual coaching is exactly what it sounds like.

No cookie cutter programs.

No generic meal plans.

It is a plan designed specifically for YOU, with YOUR abilities, goals, and preferences in mind.

If you’re ready to take back control over your diabetes, head to the CONTACT PAGE and drop me a note.  Let’s see if we can work together by forming a magical-diabetes-fighting-dynamic-duo.

Ok, not exactly that.

But also, kind of like that.