The Importance of Being Uncomfortable

A few days ago, my daughter, Lila, came to the gym with me.

I had a handful of clients in the afternoon, and she tagged along while I worked.

About halfway through my sessions, she asked me, “Daddy, can you give me a workout?”

I said “sure”, and gave her a few movements she could do with a kettlebell.

After she completed one round of the movements, I asked her how it went.

“Pretty hard,” was her reply.

My response?

“Good. Go do it again.”

After a few rounds, I explained to her that the only way you get better at something is to do a task that’s difficult. Then do it until it gets a little easier. Then make it harder. ”

In other words, live in the uncomfortable.

Want to get better at something?

Want to get stronger?

What to be leaner?

Want to manage your diabetes better?


Get uncomfortable, and stay there.

It’s the only way you’re going to improve.

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